Food is fuel for our bodies.  Plain and simple, our bodies need the nutrients and energy from food to do all the wonderful things they do – grow, develop, heal, move, and keep us alive!  In addition, food is central to so many of our celebrations, relationships, and activities.

Food often becomes associated with love, joy, hospitality, and praise.  But food can become heavy laden with negative emotions when eating becomes less about feeding our bodies and more about achieving or escaping.  As definitions and expectations are added to food, eating becomes a mess of do’s and don’ts, should’s and shouldn’ts that can lead to negative feelings about our bodies and our self worth.

Learning to decipher the truth from these mixed messages and feelings is hard.  Wherever you are coming from, we will work together to help you develop a healthy relationship with food and your body.

Empowering clients to develop a healthy, safe, and enjoyable relationship with food.

Featured Recipe

Is cooking a lost art? Life is busy, and sitting down to eat can be challenging. Slow down, prepare a meal for yourself, and make eating a mindful experience.

Sometimes inspiration is the best motivation. I’ve put together a list of recipes I’ve enjoyed preparing and sharing with my friends and family. There’s nothing special about these recipes that makes them different or better than any other meal- they’ve simply inspired me, so I’d like to pass them along to you.

Check back for new recipes!

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